April 1, 2012

First Blog!

Okay, so it only took me until 2012 to start a blog.  After Myspace (hehe), Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr,  Pinterest, and whatever other social networking havens were popular at the time.  And really, Youtube and Tumblr only came about as a way to share pics of baby Nicholas in an easier format with family.  So, here I am.    I think I recently realized that we are in the midst of some major changes for our little family.  Not just the addition of N, but also career changes and life changes.  Things are already chaotic, but I think we are approaching warp speed soon... and what better way to capture all the craziness (and preserve my sanity simultaneously) than to blog it?!  I hope this can be an outlet for venting, a place to share neato things that I find, family updates, and many more awesome bits as time goes by.

Oh, and if you are not on Pinterest, you will need to seriously think about joining because I have a feeling there will be many Pinterest-related posts!  And it's just really cool.

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