April 23, 2012

Pinterest Recipe Success: Baked Chicken and Spinach Flautas

First, I apologize for the crappy cell phone pic.  It definitely does not capture how delicious these flautas were!  So, I finally got around to trying one of the maaaaaany recipes I have pinned over the last several months. Yay! I'm happy to report it was a success!  The recipe is from Healthy. Delicious. blog.  They were a little time intensive, but that could be because I had to stop halfway through to feed/change baby.  Yeah, that was probably why!  I followed the recipe pretty much exactly, but I had to use fajita-size tortillas instead of burrito-size fajitas cut in half.  It still turned out wonderfully.  There were 11 fajita tortillas in the package and it was enough filling for all of them with a little left over, just FYI.  Anyway, they were wonderful and M loved them too.  They had a nice crispness for being baked, and they were spicy without being overly hot.  I had scraped away all seeds and membranes from the jalapenos so the heat was minimal.  You could definitely leave some of that in if you prefer something spicier.  I just chose to sprinkle with hot sauce after the fact :)  Still delicious!  Here is the link the original recipe I pinned.   Enjoy! :)

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